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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 17 - 23 August 2020: You'll exchange original ideas

Any excuse will do to go out and socialize as much as you can

Taurus Horoscope Weekly, 17-23 August 2020
Your Taurus Horoscope for this week, 17-23 August 2020 | Magic Horoscope


The more solid couples will have a chance to exchange original ideas which will allow you to keep the flame alight, no matter how long it’s been. Experiment, play with your bodies, and you’ll achieve sensory communion. Have you ever watched an adult film together?

You’ll observe all the small details your partner has with you, how they try to make your life easier. You’ll feel like there’s music around you and, during your chats, you’ll manage to tackle those matters you’re embarrassed by.

If you’re single, Taurus, you’ll also enjoy great sensuality and you’ll try to seduce without restrictions. Any excuse will do to go out on the streets and socialize; however, you shouldn’t collect notches on your bedpost, because you’ll break some hearts in the process. And this is unnecessary.

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We foresee a week of August charged with great professional satisfaction and success, especially for those who work in maths and science. Your mind will be swift and agile like a cat.

This doesn’t mean it’ll all be a walk in the park: you’ll encounter certain obstacles that you’ll have to overcome masterfully. Fortunately for you, a nearly divine instinct will guide you to make the best decisions for your professional future.

There’ll be days where you’ll be too naive and, therefore, vulnerable to con artists who will try to trick you into giving them what’s rightfully yours.

You won’t be immune to sneaky or fraudulent manoeuvres and you won’t take criticism too well, even if it’s constructive.

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You’ll be quite pampered in health matters. So long as you take some precautions, you’ll enjoy a rather quiet day, especially if you’re one of the lucky Taurus who are on holidays.

Avoid eating foods or substances that you know don’t agree with you beforehand and watch your cholesterol. Has it been a long time since your last medical check-up?

The days where you think the universe is conspiring against you, try to undertake philanthropic tasks, selflessly helping others will help you find your way.


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