Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 16 – 22 November 2020: You're ready for action

Let your professional goal be to have your enemies applauding your greatest triumphs


You’re ready for action. You don’t want this to be a quiet or monotonous week: if your spirits are brought down by routine, you’ll know what buttons to push to shake things up a little.

On the one hand, it could happen that long-standing relationships could experience renewed passion, which might clash with a mutual and unhealthy jealousy. Be careful with letting your imagination run unbridled, because it might wreak havoc on your heart, causing wounds that will take long to heal.

On the other hand, single Taurus need to be advised not to move too fast, slow down when trying to make progress.  Hearts aren’t trophies to add to your collection. You might lose more than you can imagine if you’re too cocky.

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You’ll be the target of many attacks, Taurus;  the stars indicate that you’ll be the object on which people will dump their professional frustration this week, there will even be those who are envious of your position and who will try to hurt you for no reason.

Work on your self-confidence, you won’t let anyone brand you anything that you’re not, and you’ll double your efforts to achieve success. Let your goal be to have your enemies applauding your triumphs.

With dignity as your banner and truth on your side, you’ll even come out stronger from what, at a first glance, appeared to be a murky crisis.

In order to avoid financial problems, you should always carry cash on you; you won’t do well with new technologies or credit cards.

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At times you neglect your health through sheer laziness;  you're missing something to give you a boost, an external agent, having a duty. Perhaps the time has come to set a goal that is important for you, whatever that might be. Find sense to your life, but without questioning everything.

You’ll do great on many levels, including on a moral level. Those who are traversing a moment of nostalgia or depression will start seeing the light again, and those who have undergone surgery will recover with relative ease.