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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 March 2021: You need to fight less and love each other more

Analyze to what point you make mistakes on a daily basis; perhaps you shouldn't be going around giving advice


You’ll be a great support for those who are suffering from love. Over the next few days, a friend or relative will seek you out to tell you their romantic misfortunes and will ask for your opinion about them.

However, before you answer, you should analyse to what extent you make mistakes in your daily life, and how many past situations are still affecting you today.  This will make you reflect deeply and will help you realize that, perhaps, you shouldn’t be giving advice.

You realize that there’s no manual for love, and that each person has their own way of perceiving their marriage or relationship. That rules are meant to be broken and reformulated, and that there isn’t a single truth; that you should love each other more and fight less.

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Some colleagues might want you to pay special attention to them; they’ll ask you to compliment them for no reason or they’ll simply want to be in the limelight a lot more than they deserve.

Let each person manage their feelings however they want and however they can.  When March has passed its middle point, the only thing you’ll want is to be appreciated as a worker the way you deserve, without anyone flattering you.

As opposed to others, you won’t want to be attributed skills you don’t have. You just want realism, and if you’re going to receive recognition, let it be something you’ve earned. You’ll leave easy applause for those who need it to feed their ego; you, Taurus, are after other things.


At times you might feel overwhelmed by the number of events you face on a daily basis.  There’ll be times where your head will run away with you and you’ll have to take a break to find your centre of gravity again.

Some of your greatest physical and emotional virtues will be highlighted. You’ll be especially good at supporting those who need a hand, as we’ve already explained before.

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