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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 15 – 21 February 2021: Don't hasten into signing contracts

Be more of an ant than a grasshoper, you'll try to save as much as you can and work hard


You keep leaving room for improvisation. You don’t want your feelings to become stagnant, you’ll seek any opportunity to go out and mingle, breaking the monotony as soon as you get the chance, and pushing away from you any indication of conflict.

You’ve had a few very intense weeks, although you’re still looking for thrill, right now you want something a bit more relaxed. If you’re a single Taurus, you’ll keep praising your freedom and independence, but you’ll feel a pang of jealousy when you look at those friends and relatives who are in a happy relationship, as you wish you could one day find someone who complements you.

In marriages there’ll still be great communication, this month will most certainly be made for your love life. Your other half will reveal some aspects of their personality to you that you didn’t know, or which you had chosen to ignore because it was more comfortable.

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You’re still getting proposals for quick money, but your sixth sense is still working really well, and you’ll know well how to tell gold from dirt. The thing is that, for every three bold or shady business proposals you get, you’ll receive a very interesting one or, at least one which is worth researching. Don’t hasten into giving a reply or signing contracts.

Be humble at work, accept the important teachings of those who are more experienced than you; sometimes you avoid people who behave like know-it-alls, but this is a good week to stop and see what they have to share.

You’ll be more of an ant than a grasshopper, you’ll try to save hard and you’ll achieve great things on very limited resources. Your creativity takes off and it will make up for the lack of funds.


You’re very cautious when it comes to your health, perhaps a bit too much; you’re missing out on some of life’s pleasures because you always turn down temptation. Everything is possible if you do it in moderation, never forget this.

You won’t be overly fond of exercise; if you choose a sedentary lifestyle, at least you should do things that stimulate your mathematical thinking, train your brain hard through stimulating reading material, intelligence challenges and crosswords.

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