Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 12 – 18 October 2020: You'll have great willpower

You want to promote some professional changes, there are some things you could be doing better


This week friendship might become confused with love for Taurus, especially if they’re single. You’ll start to see someone you’ve known for a while differently, or you’ll realize that a cordial relationship naturally evolves into something that can’t be labelled just yet.

In marriages you’ll experience a renovation which will be quite fun; joviality will be present both within and without your bedroom once more.

In the homes where there are constant disputes, Taurus shouldn’t waste time over oratory battles which lead nowhere. Own your blame, this way the other party will also admit there are things they can improve.

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Things become trickier at work; fortunately for you, the stars lend you a hand giving you good mood, you’ll push bad vibes away and you’ll minimize your anxiety.

You want to promote some changes, there are things you could be doing better. You’ll fight off laziness, you don’t want to spend a single day where you're not in control.

Be neater and save more, carefully watch over your finances. Remember past times where you had to buckle up tightly, don’t believe for a second that they’re ancient history and that they’ll never return. Especially think of your duty to your family.

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There is better news in your health. You’ll have good willpower and you’ll know how to push all the things that jeopardize your wellbeing away from you.  Are you thinking about quitting smoking? Then do it, without thinking about it twice.

You’ll emphasize looking after yourself with realism, you don’t want to risk activities which lead nowhere. Generally speaking, this week your path towards the light will be clearer than ever.

Remember to hydrate every change you have, but with water and nothing else. Try to ditch soft drinks, especially if they’re sugary, and also alcoholic beverages.