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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 April 2021: Don't hold back for fear of what others might think

You're the sole star of your own life, don't let others steal the spotlight

❤️ Love

This week you’ll use your virtues and strengths to make your partner happy without expecting anything in return. You’ll show them how important they are for you, creating new goals and joint projects. You need to take the next step in your relationship, and you have enough magic to get anywhere you want to go.

On their part, single Taurus will do a thorough soul search and will evaluate what they need to change. It will take you a while to realize that, in truth, you’re great just as you are.

You don’t have to make up a personality in order to woo anyone; just trust in your power, work on your self-love and don’t hold back for fear of what others might think. You’re the sole star of your life, don’t let others steal the spotlight.

💰 Money

A hard week is coming at work, but it won’t be much harder than all the others. Take a breath, because you’re worrying ahead of time. Problems will arise at work, of course, and they will be solved in time, no sooner and no later.

Try not to take your professional worries home with you; it’s up to you to stop your anxiety from wreaking havoc on your mood and family life. Turn off your mobile phone from time to time and make the most of your free time with your loved ones.

Before you go for frivolous expenses, you should think about how much you have saved in your account.  You shouldn’t live hand to mouth, be cautious because life has a way turning things around, especially in the current situation.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Stop thinking of happiness as a material good which can be bought or manufactured; your sixth sense will tell you which oath to follow in order to find it.

Lending a hand to those in need will allow you to feel better about yourself (and put your problems into perspective).  Ask around, there’s probably someone who knows about volunteering and can tell you where to go. There are many simple gestures to make others happy, for example visiting elderly people who are very lonely.

👍 Tip of the week

Don’t get swayed by first (and bad) impressions

🍀 Lucky numbers 

Your lucky numbers for this week of the 12th to the 18th of April are: 6, 15 and 29.

🤝 Compatibility 

Your best compatibilities for Taurus for this week are: 

Taurus and Sagittarius in Love

Aquarius and Gemini in Friendship

Virgo and Aries at Work

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