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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 11 – 17 January 2021: Your sportsmanship stands out

Is your love life somewhat inactive? Put all your eggs in one basket then


Is your love life somewhat stagnant? It’s time to go all in. Invent something special, that makes this week different from the rest of the month. Quit standing there with your arms folded watching life pass you by, as if this had nothing to do with you.

Taurus who are in a relationship should be more generous.  Listen to what they have to say, pay careful attention to their requests, and offer them displays of affection when they need them the most. There are many worries in your head, but you are not aware of all of them. Create a special even if your anniversary is near (or their birthday, for example).

Single Taurus must make their move if they want to find a significant other. Any excuse will be good to leave the house, although the stars indicate that love might appear in places where culture will be vibrant.

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Your sportsmanship stands out this week; your experience has taught you that you must learn to win and, likewise, you need to accept defeat without letting it bring you down. During the next few days, you’ll tell your company or family that some of your business transactions didn’t turn out well, but nothing will happen because you won’t throw in the towel.

We all like having our professional plans turn out perfectly, but in your defeat, you’ll find only a desire to keep bettering yourself. One piece of advice: don’t overdo it with your personal demands, you must work to live rather than live to work.

Likewise, the horoscope wants to remind you that one of your most fundamental values is spontaneity. Stay always fresh, at the avant-garde of innovation.


While sense is your banner, the stars reveal that your health is in good shape. So now you know to avoid risky behaviours.

When exercising you’ll be a sign with a tendency to injuries; accept your own limitations and give warming up the importance it deserves.

In order to look after your respiratory system, you should quit smoking, if you smoke often. Your own wellbeing will thank you for it, as will your pocket, as it’s a very expensive addiction.

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