Taurus Horoscope Weekly 2020

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 August 2020: Being smitten shouldn't be ruled out

Don't make life harder for yourself: everything has a very simple explanation in this life


We could say that this week will be the best one yet for Taurus’s love life. Politeness will be abundant, and you’ll get on very well with your family. You’ll manage to approach that person you don’t get on well with and you’ll understand the reason behind their attitude. Everything has a very simple explanation.

You put your best foot forward to make up with the world, you avoid conflict. In this sense, some Taurus who have recently broken up with their partners will consider giving their relationship another shot, there’s still ambers where there once was a fire.

If you're single, don’t rule out being smitten, finding a love at first sight which will make you lose your head. Within marriages, there’ll be good communication, and if there are any disagreements, they’ll disappear as fast as they appeared.

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There are good planetary impacts in your work life, someone older than you will give you a selfless hand to help you progress. They’ll help you recover your motivation and you’ll dream of the success you’d been led you believe you could never achieve.

You try to triumph in the long run, fleeting victories don’t taste great on your lips. In a way, you consider yourself a very grounded Taurus, who walks firmly on the ground. You’ll avoid getting distracted by those around you and you’ll use your time wisely.

This week where August passes its meridian will be great to put your accounts in order, see what you need to cut back on and what areas of your life you should invest more money in. Plus, you might have a lucky strike, an unexpected income which will give you some financial peace of mind (a bonus for meeting your targets, a study bursary...).

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You need to learn to love yourself more, Taurus. If you can’t really love yourself how on earth are you going to love somebody else? Those who really struggle with this might consider seeking professional help from a therapist.

Your body has changed over the last few months, you might have put weight on (or inches, these don’t always go hand in hand). It might be a water retention problem; for this reason, you could swap coffee for diuretic infusions.