The Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 1 – 7 March 2021: Only dialogue will help your relationship survive

Expressing your feelings properly will also improve your health


You’ll know how to find the time to connect all the pieces which sometimes don’t seem to fit in your relationship.  You’ll have to make it clear to your partner that you love them above all, and that you’re willing to make certain sacrifices to get things to work again.

Stop thinking about sex games as a way to get you out of your emotional crisis. Only communication will save you. Explain how you are, how you see your marriage, so you can understand one another. Serenity will be essential when debating important things and rewriting some conditions if you find it necessary.

Single Taurus  will discover, during this first week of the month of March, new angles to the person they currently like. Unfortunately for you, it won’t all be as nice as you would have liked.

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This month begins on a very positive note at work. You’ll be facing many projects and you’ll be proud of your efficiency. You feel that your time is more productive than usual (perhaps because you’ve finally learned to delegate to others).

From time to time you’ll have to put your feet on the ground. You might be overcome by enthusiasm, to the point of embarking on very ambitious projects and making very risky decisions. You should avoid unnecessary risks, without speculating.

Your financial situation won’t be entirely healthy; you’ll receive some bills which you’d forgotten about. You should look after every penny and stretch your personal resources as much as possible.


The cosmic flows of this week will increase your vitality tenfold. You’ll feel in good physical shape, which will probably have a very good impact on your morale.

In this sense, you should work on the way in which you communicate with people.  Your emotions might be bottled up, which would make them manifest through physical pain or, even, tension and anxiety.

If you truly listen to your heart, you’ll see a good part of your discomfort vanish. Show the universe the most authentic version of you, without pretence.

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