The Taurus sign in white on a blue background with some lights

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for 1 – 7 February 2021: You'll put your demands to one side

You'll give yourself completely, in the most carnal and wildest possible manner


Thanks to your inner power you’ll be incredibly passionate with your beloved. You’ll leave your demands aside, as well as your intolerance, and you’ll give yourself fully in the most carnal and wildest way possible to you, Taurus.

If you’re single, over the next few days you’ll have a memorable encounter. Bring out your best side and forget the bar you used to have. Out there, there’s a person who might fill the hole you have in your heart right now.

In any case, you should drop the act of being a hard and rebellious person, who stopped believing in love a long time ago. The thing is, if we’re being honest, there are very few signs who want to find their other half as much as you do right now.

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You’ll have to run more than one errand linked to your job; you have many doubts, and you waste time going over things repeatedly.

Be patient, because a client or colleague might test you; they’ll annoy you more than once and finding balance will be entirely up to you.

To make your money go a longer way, you should negotiate fiercely over the hiring of services such as a cheaper car insurance or mobile phone and data providers. These are tedious tasks, but the savings they entail on a monthly basis will help you relax a little.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to demand the repayment of the money you lent a friend or relative. Let that which belongs to you come back into your hands, it's only fair.


Lack of time might play against you when it comes to going to the gym or exercising;  plus, you’ll be great at making up excuses to avoid working up a sweat.

At least try to leave your car at home and walk everywhere and climb the stairs at home or at work two or three times; the latter will be very beneficial if you have circulatory problems.

You’ll also be one of the most conceited signs of the horoscope, and you’ll seriously consider a makeover, or getting a tattoo with a symbol or message you identify with.

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