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Taurus' Personality Traits

Do you want to discover what the zodiac bull is like? We show you that it's much more than just stubbornness.

Surely the first thing that comes to mind thinking about the personality of the Taurus sign is "stubborn like no one else", but we assure you that it isn't their only characteristic. So if you ask yourself what Taurus is like, we will let you know about some of their most personal characteristics.

Taurus traits: 6 peculiarities of this sign

We show you what the bull of the Zodiac is like, much more than just stubbornness.

1. The most faithful of all

Among the characteristics of Taurus, loyalty is one of its most emblematic features, and the loyalty they offer to the people who are important to them is something unique.

Those born under this earth sign are people who can be fully trusted.

2. They protect their beloved ones

If you wonder what Taurus is like, be clear that they are one of the most fervent caregivers of those people they love. Despite being a sign that is sometimes labelled as having a cold personality, they are really very close people and at the same time very protective.

For that same reason Taurus are loving parents, and as children, at older ages, also involved caregivers of family members most in need of support.

3. Stubborn like no one else

Stubbornness is famous as a personality trait of Taurus: When an idea goes around in their head it will be very difficult to convince them to change their mind, even minimally. For that reason, sometimes, being able to talk about something in which you have a different vision from theirs can lead to an argument in which it seems that you're constantly banging yourself against the wall.

No, it's definitely not easy to deal with this characteristic of Taurus. But the positive part of all this is that behind their stubbornness there is also a virtue: perseverance,  thanks to which they can achieve almost any goal that they propose themselves (and that depends on their effort, of course).

4. They are a bit more possessive than they should

This aspect of the personality of Taurus is something that is closely linked to the links they establish with the people around them, not only being something exclusive when they are in love, although it's true that this is one of the moments in which they take out this facet of themselves.

The underlying reason behind this behaviour is their sense of belonging, so deeply rooted, that it not only makes their partner seem like a hoarder, but it also happens in their role as a friend, brother, son or father. And it may provoke a lot of tension situations for not knowing how to manage it too well.

That is why we mustn't forget that there is no bad intention behind their attitude, but rather unconsciousness of how absorbing they can be: The deeper the tie that binds him to a person in question, the more likely is that that unwelcome flash comes out.

5. Very realistic, sometimes too much

For anyone who seeks an objective opinion on a specific situation, or at least as neutral as possible, the perfect person to ask is the native of this earth sign.

The personality of Taurus is so inclined to be realistic that it can sometimes be too blunt  under the perspective of people more prone to get carried away by emotions when observing the same fact. They don't, they always refer to the evidence. And for that same reason, when it comes to asking what Taurus is like, we also get to answer "Empirical", because they are, like anyone else is. Strictly.

6. A front with a loving interior

And to the surprise of many people who call Taurus' personality cold, don't let yourself be swayed by appearances, because nothing is further from the truth:  Under a great front they need to protect their tremendous sensitivity, they have an enormous heart of great tenderness.  How could they not try to protect themselves? You do well, Taurus, but open it to those who show you that you can trust them.

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