Taurus Horoscope October

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for October 2020: You'll find your path towards the light

You'll know how to restrain yourself in order to avoid saying things that you might regret

Love: Friendship plays an important role

Friendship will play an important role in the love life of single Taurus, during this tenth month of the year. The spark can ignite during a meeting with friends, or even an old friendship might naturally become something more. In any case, you’ll experience a renovation which you’ll like a lot.

There’ll be calm in your relationship; you won’t be interested in wasting time trying to point fingers when things get tough. You’ll know how to control yourself in order to avoid saying things you might regret.

When it comes to your family, it will be essential that you strictly adhere to the program but staying very alert to what is said and done around you. Someone might even be asking for your help in a subtle way.

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Work: You’ll take control of the situation

After a bountiful season, you’ll find yourself in a difficult professional position. Fortunately, the feelings of frustration and anxiety you feel will soon disappear and you’ll take control of the situation. You’ll make a great effort to promote positive changes.

Don’t waste your money, think of the difficult times you experienced in the past, you might find yourself in them again one day. Learn to administer your budget carefully.

Don’t forget to analyse your family situation from a financial point of view, especially, if you're thinking about expanding your family. This month you might have an important expense linked with your children’s education.

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Health: Your common sense will be highlighted

You’ll have a great vitality which will allow you to achieve many things and to resist any temptation which might be detrimental to your health.

You’ll want to put an end to your extravagance; you don’t want your wellbeing to be pushed over the edge; your realism and common sense will be highlighted. Those who are entangled in risky adventures will find their path towards the light.

In the mornings, it would be good if you drank a large glass of water to awaken your bowels. If you don’t like tap water, try to put it in a jug in the fridge and leave it there overnight with some mint leaves or half a lemon, to give it a bit of extra freshness.