Taurus Horoscope November

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for November 2020: You'll decide to have your own voice

Your smile and your diplomacy will open doors you would have never believed possible until now!

Love: Jealousy isn't a good adviser

The stars turn you into a more frivolous person than usual.  This November you’ll want to judge things by its external appearance and not by its content. At times you’ll forget that, as it is often said, true beauty lies within.

You might think that nothing will happen if you're frivolous from time to time, Taurus, but if you don’t know where t stop you might wind up alone.

At the same time, you’ll be very concerned over your appearance, you’ll look after yourself and you’ll receive compliments left, right and centre (although some of them will be devoid of sincerity).

Those who are in a relationship might experience unpleasant episodes of jealousy. We foresee greater concern over the way your other half or friends are dressed, than over what’s happening in their hearts.

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Work: Your mental independence will stand out

The astral influx of the eleventh month of the year will make you more sociable and self-confident in business. You’ll have great people skills which will help you close very important deals.

If you're unemployed, your smile and diplomacy will open doors you never could have imagined, perhaps thanks to the recommendation of a relative.

With your great mental independence and supported by your enterprising spirit, you won’t be able to take orders from others.

You’ll want to enhance your own voice and let others follow you. You’ll become a great business leader, if you’re not one already. You’ll be able to exercise your sense of command, innovate and discover new niche markets with complete freedom.

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Health: You’ll be overcome with nostalgia.

Your wellbeing won’t be at its peak these weeks, as you might have noticed.  You’ll struggle to understand exactly what’s happening.

Perhaps it’s this 2020 which has us all improvising on a daily basis, or the fact that Christmas is approaching, but nostalgia is on the rise, you’re missing your relatives or friends who are no longer with us.

There’ll be moments where your strengths will falter. You’ll feel that everything collapses at once, your stomach, head, legs.

You might be overwhelmed, stressed out without even being aware of it. If that happens, talk to your friends, or consider seeing a psychologist to tell you how to handle the situation.