Taurus Horoscope July

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for July 2020: Stop making it up as you go along

Don't risk your wellbeing just to look good; analyse the potential consequences

Love: You’ll want some TLC

Your feelings are in turmoil with the arrival of the second semester of 2020. Mainly, you’ll want some TLC, and you’ll even want everyone to give in to your whims.

However, you won’t feel as much affection around you as you’d like, so you might have arguments with your family or other half. Admit that you’re being a bit self-centred, that you demand a lot but have little to give.

Understand that everyone is submerged in their own volcano of problems; plus, there are a lot of tricky circumstances, so they can't really spend as much time as you’d like with you.

For this reason, the single Taurus will be looking for an admirer rather than a partner, someone who will idolize you and in whose eyes they can do no wrong. Careful what you wish for, because this sounds a lot better in theory than it is in reality.

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Work: You’ll take the reins

During the first months of this year you’ve made it up as you went along. But no more! It’s time to take the reins of your life when it comes to work and money matters.

Your grit and determination are enhanced, as is your desire to take the lead. It’s a good moment for the Taurus who are thinking of starting their own business.

You’ll be very skilful with your domestic finances, you’ll know how to cut back on frivolous expenses, and you’ll teach those around you valuable saving habits. Plus, you’ll advocate sustainable consumption, and respect for recycling and the environment.

Health: Admit what your physical condition is

You want to be a more active Taurus, to get going from the second you wake up and to do the toughest workouts of your life. However, you should first accept what physical condition you’re in, and how old you are, before you go down a slippery slope; you really don’t need that in your life.

Don’t risk your wellbeing just to look good, both when exercising and when doing weight loss diets, you might suffer irreversible damage to your health.