The Taurus sign in white on a black starred background

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for January 2021: Look after your appearance and enhance your elegance

You'll create a favourable impression in those you speak with and you'll get what you want from them

Love: Make a special event of every day, of every week

The year starts without slowly but surely, although this doesn’t mean you should remain with your arms crossed. If you can, try to make a special event of the upcoming weeks, where love will rule in your life.

Actively listen to your partner, take note of their worries and try to surprise them on the day where they need it the most: they will thank you for it from the bottom of their heart.

You might strengthen your shared hobbies or even try new ones together. Seek projects to make you collaborate, that encourage dialogue and complicity.

For single Taurus, love will be present in places where there’ll be a lot of culture. Go to the cinema, the library, visit exhibitions, Cupid might be waiting for you at one of these.

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Money: Spontaneity is your best weapon

You’re a good sport and you accept both your victories and your defeats; you're not afraid to admit you’ve lost. Sometimes you like that professional plans don’t go exactly to plan, this way you’ll be able to improve in the future.

Be demanding with yourself without overdoing it, alright? Especially if you’re starting in a new job. Rigidity and meticulousness make you lose some of your freshness; your spontaneity is one of your best weapons, did you know that Taurus?

One last piece of advice for this January: look after your appearance and enhance your elegance. This way you’ll favourably impress anyone you speak with, and you’ll get what you want from them.

Health: You're in good physical shape

The sky seems very favourable for your health, but with the condition that you shouldn’t put yourself in harm’s way with a reckless or aggressive behaviour. Before you exercise you should warm up as much as you need, only thus will you release some tension.

Generally speaking, Taurus will be in good physical shape and you’ll be able to recover from any fatigue.

Keep a close eye on your health and your respiratory system; don’t downplay a cold, as it could escalate to something worse. Likewise, you should quit smoking if that’s one of your habits, which is not only bad for you, but it also reduces your lung capacity.

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