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Taurus Monthly Horoscope for February 2021: Be rigid with your business

Fortunately, dialogue can solve any conflicts in life, even those of the heart

Love: You seek new emotions

Living together with your partner, during this second month of 2021 you’ll notice your body is strongly asking you to have thrilling and intense emotions. You’ll have to choose your words carefully when you talk to your other half, as, initially, their position will be opposed to your own.

Fortunately, dialogue can solve any conflicts in life, and you’ll be able to find middle ground and establish, so to speak, new routines.

Pay great attention to your other half’s details, and rein in your jealousy and insecurity when they rear their ugly heads.

Single Taurus will take special pride in being on their own, even if that doesn’t make you any better than those who have walked down the aisle.  Perhaps you haven’t found that person who can truly make you smile every day upon waking.

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Money: Don’t feel compassion for people who aren’t upfront

There are many smoke sellers around and, fortunately for you, you know it full well.  There are people who think they’re experts in certain subject when, in truth, they have no idea what they’re on about.

You’ll be very rigid when pushing away anyone disguised as a wise man, you’ll have to give them a one-way ticket out of your life. Don’t feel compassion for people who aren’t upfront

You’ll receive quick proposals to earn money, as if it grew from trees. Don’t trust them one bit.

Health: Your creativity will take off

There are many impacts influencing the area of your wellbeing and, for this reason, your strength will fluctuate from day to day.  Don’t waste all your bullets every day, because you never know when fatigue will pay you a sudden visit.

There’ll be good news for Taurus who have to undergo surgery, as well as those who are expecting the results of analysis. This way we could say you’ll have a lucky star.

Your creativity will take off, so make the most of your imagination to create new routines that allow you to have a healthier lifestyle. Those who have a supernatural gift (something that very few people know about) will see their gifts enhanced.

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