Taurus April on a sky background with shooting stars

Taurus Monthly Horoscope for April 2021: Be as creative as you are carefree

In your love life it's time to close old wounds that reopen every time you see your ex

Love: You’ll feel like you’re in a fairy-tale

You continue in a beautiful phase in your relationship, and your daily life is almost like a fairy-tale.  You know that, as it happens in any story, there are some villains trying to undermine your happiness, but your inner magic and power won’t let them defeat you.

You’re open to changes in your relationship. Sooner or later the winds will change, and you need to be prepared, with the best attitude you can muster. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.

If you’re a single Taurus, it’s time to heal old wounds which reopen every time you see your ex. Both you and this person pretend everything is well, but your heart tells you that something is really wrong. It’s too late to go back or forgive past mistakes.

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Money: You feel stuck

At work you feel somewhat stuck. Your routine feels very uncomfortable, and you need to deploy all of your tools against it and fight as much as you can. The global situation is very complicated, and you might feel lucky to have a job.

If you’re unemployed, this is the time to improve your skills (and attitude). If you’re as creative as you are carefree, you’ll know what button to press to shine brightly in the corporate sector.

If you’re seriously considering starting your own business project, you should look for good allies; making everything progress without help will overload you. Analyse the situation and think about what old colleagues you might call up to make your dream come true.

Health: Don’t self-medicate

You have a bad posture when you sit at the computer, or when you walk and, for this reason, your back is demanding a massage.  Practicing activities such as yoga can be very good to get rid of back pain and learn to keep your spine aligned.

When you feel weak, don’t turn to your medicine cabinet to take the first thing you can find; only take drugs when prescribed by a doctor, stop self-medicating. Plus, in your ignorance you might take one that could give you an allergic reaction.

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