The Taurus sign on a blue, purple and pink background

Taurus Horoscope 2021: Material changes await

Be more thorough when analysing reality; don't cherry-pick the information you're interested in

Love: You’ll make the most of these months

You’ll want to make the most of every month in this new year; in 2020 some things happened that changed your core values. Rather than wasting time licking your wounds you’ll open the doors and windows to your heart to let love in.

You decide to live in an eternal spring, where flowers will fill your days with colour and birdsong is the constant soundtrack.

Do you know the most interesting thing? Your life will be the same as always; there won’t be any drastic changes to make you start from scratch. In spite of everything, when things get tricky, you’ll smile broadly, and you’ll tap your inner strength.

You’ll give great importance to the little things, you’ll return displays of affection tenfold, and those who are single will know how to boost your natural charm to find a new companion.

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Money: You’ll control your fear

You learn to control some (very logical) fears. The word “crisis” is on everyone’s tongue and you fear financial problems or, worse even, being forced to take a step back because of it.

You’ll have to be more meticulous when analysing reality; sometimes you focus only on the information you're interested in and ignore all other circumstances, including those things that make things difficult for you.

For the second semester of 2021 we foresee some material changes for Taurus; some will move house, and others will consider buying a new car.

In fact, if you have to fill some gaps you’ll be able to say goodbye to some works of art at home, or perhaps you’ll sell the jewellery you inherited and which you've never taken out of the box.

Health: Start making your dreams come true

You’ll give more importance to your diet; not only do you want to look better but you also want to be beautiful within. You’ll control your appetite (the one that sometimes speaks for you) and you’ll learn to reduce your portions.

Try to cook just the right amount to avoid having a fridge full of leftovers and, while you're at it, you’ll be less tempted to have seconds.

As the months go by, you’ll become a bit overwhelmed by how time is fleeting, and how you’re getting older (you, and everyone else, mind you). Therefore, you shouldn’t leave for tomorrow the dreams which you could make true from today.

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