Taurus Horoscope Friday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, October 9, 2020: Show your inner happiness to the world

Your sixth sense guides you towards fortune, but don't lose your realism


You’ll choose tranquillity on this prelude to the weekend. You don’t want great surprises, although you also don’t want to have a boring and predictable Friday. Fortunately, Venus will give you a good dose of passion, and you’ll be pulled towards strong emotions.

Taurus who are going through a period of crisis will know how to turn over a new leaf; you want the sun shines especially for you. In some homes there’ll be talk of a separation or divorce, because you think there’s something better, more intense, waiting for you outside of these four walls.

If you’re currently single, try to project your inner happiness. Sometimes you feel ashamed to show the world how happy you are.

And it’s always good to try and look your best; look after your appearance until you fall in love with yourself. Because if you can’t love yourself, Taurus, how are you going to love somebody else?

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This Friday will be quite quiet at work.  You have a sixth sense that guides you towards fortune, which you’ll have to combine with the bluntest realism.

Right now, things might be going well for you, but this doesn’t mean you should waste money left, right and centre. Life has a way of turning things around, and scarcity might take over in the future.

Be active, whether you’re employed or looking for a job. Energy and emotion are essential to improve your situation. Study new ways of progressing professionally.

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Your ability to understand certain simple matters decreases; this is undoubtedly due to stress.  Those who are around you will have to remind you of things two or three times.

You’ll look after your appearance and you’ll try to fight against ageing. On the other hand, you might encounter respiratory problems, but nothing serious. Make some orange juice this 9th of October, you’ll see how tasty it is.