Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, November 9, 2020: Projects abroad will lead you to success

Accept any proposals you receive and walk through any open doors you find


You want to be the centre of attention, and for your ears to be filled with compliments and flattery. You’ll want to reign like an absolutist monarch over your partner’s heart, and you won’t take kindly to them having new friends or making plans without taking you into consideration.

You’ll have to control your temper; the Horoscope indicates you will feel entitled to cause a scene because of jealousy. That self-centredness we mentioned before can get out of hand in the most theatrical and dramatic of ways.

In order to hold the attention, you seek, you should deploy all of your seduction skills. If you’re a single Taurus, you’ll have a good chance to meet the person with whom you’ll want to build a home, and this will appear where you least expect it.

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You’ll receive news regarding a business trip, or a remote project you’re (or have been) involved in.  The farther away your projects are, the more chances you’ll have of success.

Make the most of all the opportunities within reach, accept the propositions you receive, and walk through any open doors you find.

Work on your people skills, create many new contacts, and combine all of this with the best diplomacy. You’ll manage to leave your mark on those around you. Careful with con artitstL there will be people who will appeal to your kindness, pretending to be worse off than they really are.

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You need to work on the quality of your sleep; lately you haven’t been able to sleep as much as you should, perhaps as a consequence of nightmares. If these are frequent, then you should place red coral on your bedside table.

And, naturally, you should avoid thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow the second you close your eyes, leave your mind blank and let Morpheus embrace you!

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