The Taurus sign with a blue background

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, March 9, 2021: You'll explore new areas of your heart

The presence of someone new will rattle your way of seeing the world, as well as your heart


For single Taurus, the presence of someone new will rattle the way you see the world, as well as your heart. This is someone who sparks a magnetic attraction, the desire to be close to them is more than a whim.

In relationships, a third party might be prowling around you. A curious person looking for fun and to break the rules. We’re not saying we foresee an emotional crisis in your future, but that new rules will be established.

You’ll leave conventions aside and will reconsider many things and will also analyse previously unexplored areas of your heart.

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Time is your main enemy at work. You’re tormented by the feeling that days are never long enough, that hours slip past you without you having had the time to tackle all your tasks.

Without needing to be called to attention, the Horoscope will invite you to be more efficient, dedicating to the most important tasks first. And avoiding pointless chats with colleagues.

Mercury, the planet of commerce, will awaken your ambition and you’ll do everything you can to achieve success, especially if you work in sales by commission.


You should enjoy some respite in your health.  The contentious mood you’ve had lately will give way to a much more conciliatory and optimistic attitude.

No one will need to look after you, you’ll be self-sufficient. You’ll feel like a nostalgic poet, who will remember the mental agility or speed they used to have and will seek new ways of looking after yourself.

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