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Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, January 9, 2021: You hold all the best cards in your hand

You'd like love to be an exact science, where everything can be predicted and calculated


This is one of those days where you’d like love to be an exact science, where everything can be predicted and calculated. You’d like to know how to act according to the elements you have before you.

Unfortunately, romance and relationships do not come with an instruction manual. Therefore, Taurus, the stars invite you to go down new paths which you had never explored until now, especially if you’re single. There are people out there who can make you very happy.

In relationships, Taurus will have to give their other half some space to breathe; you meddle too much in their preferences and hobbies, you have an opinion on how to behave at work and they start feeling overwhelmed.

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At work there are changes that might be beneficial for you; as you hold the cards in your hand, you must only know what the winning combination is.

Some will learn of a vacancy in their company that they might be a good fit for them; go for it, then, earn that promotion. You can remain with arms folded or fight, tooth and nail.

Not everything will be positive for you. You might have a nasty surprise from a bill that is higher than expected, for a utility such as electricity or a phone bill; you’ll have to be more moderate from now on.


You’ll have excellent energy levels, and you’ll be able to see everything from a positive point of view; the glass is half-full for you. Plus, you’ll have the gift of bringing colour to situations that appear grey or even black to others.

You might have specific headaches, although it won’t be anything that won’t sort itself out; before you take anything, try natural remedies.

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