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Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, December 9, 2020: Creating wealth is within your reach

Bank on your ability to make choices, by no means let anyone make them for you


Don’t let anyone interfere in your romantic decisions; in your relationship you’re the only one who knows what’s best for you and what isn’t.  Silence those who try to tell you what would make you happy and what would lead to unhappiness.

Taurus will be rather clumsy when communicating, you won’t choose the best words which adjust to your ideas or feelings, due to which the stars invite you to take small but steady steps.

Your family has a lot of weight on your perception of life, and the decision power you silently demand sometimes is lacking. Yes, listening to opinions is good, sometimes they help open our eyes, but don’t let others decide for you. Not today.

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In order to have some extra luck in business you should carry a pyrite accessory;  this metal is believed to attract money. And creating wealth is within your reach, Taurus.

You’ll be especially intuitive if you buy or sell art or antiques for a living. You’ll find the right person to make profitable transactions with.

That aside, the day appears to be rather tranquil, and if a colleague has been bothering you lately, they’ll take a break this Wednesday and you’ll be able to breathe easy again.


On the outside, you’ll appear full of strength and wisdom, but if we dig beneath the surface, you’ll see that in reality you’re disillusioned with the world, that the universe has overpowered you.

Certain family matters have especially saddened you, and you don’t know how to face them, you’re constantly mulling over things.  Perhaps it’s time to make an appointment with a psychologist.

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