Taurus Horoscope Sunday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, August 9, 2020: You'll seek new sources of income

You need to make a decision regarding a complicated matter and, the worst part is, that you lack the necessary information


This Sunday you’ll wake up beaming with love, plus, Venus will put you under its wing.  For this reason, Taurus, you’ll be able to enjoy the tenderness and peace of your love nest, finishing a hectic week in style.

Let your partner take the lead, Taurus, fulfil all of their desires, whether it’s having lunch with the family or staying home watching series from your couch, in good company. It would be great if you organized a candlelit dinner, even if it sounds cliché.

Those who are single will meet interesting people at leisure events. Accept all plans proposed by your friends, from having some champagne somewhere posh to spending an evening at the theatre.

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Those who have to work this Sunday will have a hectic day; you need to make a decision regarding a tricky matter and, the worst part is, that you don’t have the necessary information to know which party is right.

In other cases, some (evil) co-workers are getting ready to pull the rug from under your feet with the intention of ruining your reputation.

In terms of money, you’ll have the opportunity of recovering an investment you thought was lost for good (whether it’s actual money or a valuable object you lent to a friend who never returned it). The most fortunate amongst you will have chance to find a new source of income.

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Your mood can improve while spicing up your life at the same time.  Develop your imagination this Sunday, don't settle for the usual.

Try to spend time in your kitchen preparing tasty and balanced dishes, for example. You’ll be able to find a million healthy recipes online, for example.

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