Taurus Friday on a sky background with shooting stars

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, April 9, 2021: You'll bring out your best side

The temptation to bite the apple is very strong, and you'll struggle to do things sensibly


In the run up to your weekend, your heart becomes distracted. Your eyes turn to very attractive people (physically or intellectually), the temptation to bite the apple is very strong and you’ll struggle to behave sensibly.

If you’re a married Taurus, you know you could mess up royally. In the current times where mobile phones with cameras are everywhere, you need to be twice as careful if you’re going to be unfaithful. Is it really worth it?

Those who are single will know how to look their best in front of the mirror and minimize their weaknesses. You’ll answer the doubts in your mind, even if that involves getting closer to people with whom you’ll hardly achieve success.


You’ll have great self-discipline at work, and it won’t go unnoticed by your supervisors. They’ll applaud your work and will take good note of your progress, in order to reward you in the imminent future.

However, there’ll be some lack of control on your schedule, you’ll make the most of your time and you might be late for an important appointment (such as signing a contract, or a personal matter, such as your child’s birthday).

Your optimistic outlook in life wills stand out, you’ll help other colleagues stay afloat when they’re about to sink, and you’ll shine when it comes to IT and telecommunications.


Leave your car parked and walk anywhere you want to go; the walk will help you get in shape, while reducing the environmental impact of your car.

This Friday you’ll be in very good health, the week will fly past, and you’ve turned your back on some ghosts of the past. At night-time, however, you might have a small headache.

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