The Taurus sign

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, March 8, 2021: Increase your discretion

Lose your fear of rejection and always have a plan B for your heart


Any attempt at discretion will fall short this Monday.  The thing is, if you’re currently having an affair, your partner might discover the whole thing due to your carelessness.

The storm won’t reach your home. Venus will placate tempers on this first day of the week, and you’ll be surprised by your spouse’s attitude, which won’t be as jealous or exaggerated as you initially imagined.

Single Taurus should get to work: stop waiting for that phone call to go on a date and pick up the phone. If they turn you down, you could make alternative plans.

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Language can be a problem today: you won’t be very good at speaking about job matters and you’ll struggle a bit more than usual when it comes to writing things down.

To avoid having regrets later on, you should double check every text message, email, etc. before sending it; you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to avoid phrases that could be misconstrued or making serious mistakes.

You feel your finances are slowly improving. You have a privileged position and you’ll become stronger from any criticism you receive from your closest rivals.


Your body invites you to catch an early night; tv programs and series, as well as your addiction to your mobile phone, all lead to a bad sleeping schedule, and leave you exhausted throughout the day.

Be prudent if you need to drive, remember to make stops from time to time if you’re going to be driving for many hours.

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