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Taurus Horoscope – Friday, January 8, 2021: Avoid financial risks

People confuse you with a bank, and more than one will ask you for a loan


Agreement will be very favoured for couples this Friday; you’ll both walk in the same direction, making old projects possible, which are advantageous for both of you. We’re talking of a very constructive day, where communication difficulties will be minimized.

In fact, many Taurus will be surprised to see how their relationship thrives despite the months or the years, and you’ll discover new threads that unite you.

If you're single, you’ll consider a radical change in your life, due to the apparition of an interesting person; however, don’t look only at the physical appearance, go beyond, as they're even more beautiful inside than out.

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People mistake you for a banker; for this reason, there will be more than one friend or relative who will ask you for a small loan to improve their finances. In some cases, they will ask for other kinds of favour such as showing support on social media for their product or company, or to share it with some of your contacts.

Initially you will grant their petitions, but in the long run it might end up being counter-productive; perhaps what they sell isn’t as high quality as they say, and your name might be muddied.

With the weekend in the air, your finances might suffer delays; for this reason you should considerably reduce your expenses and avoid risks.


Today you should look after your throat more than usual; don’t make unnecessary efforts which might affect your vocal folds, especially if your voice is the main working tool (professors, singers, salespeople...).

While you're at it, you should turn off your mobile phone and this way you’ll avoid long phone chats; admit that you also have a certain addiction to this smart device.

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