Taurus Horoscope for Monday on a universe background

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, February 8, 2021: Respect the basic rules of respect and tolerance

Avoid conflict at all costs (as it will only cause more delays in your duties)


The romantic atmosphere will be good overall, so long as you follow the most essential rules of respect and tolerance, no matter whether you’re a single Taurus or one who’s walking down the aisle.

You just need to respond properly to your partner’s (or beau’s) demands, who is in need of tenderness.

Be better at remembering the important dates in their life.  Some might get in trouble for forgetting a birthday, an anniversary or a special date of some sort.

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  • A new week starts today! Make sure you read your Weekly Horoscope!


Your workday will make history in the worst of senses. Delays, lack of coordination, unanswered phone call will be constant today.

You’ll have to double your diplomacy and avoid conflict at all costs (as this will only cause more delays in your duties).

It’s always a good idea to check with your bank too see what subscriptions you have. Especially what commissions you’re charged for keeping an account, for withdrawing money from cash points, etc.


When you prepare lunch or dinner, you shouldn’t only focus on their nutritional properties;  you should also think about how they’ll affect your focus if you have to work later, or your sleep, if you’re going to bed right after eating.

Try, within reason, to go for light and satisfying food, preferably with a good basis of protein, whether animal or plant based, according to your taste. At night, if you want to add vegetables to your meal, make them cooked ones, this way you’ll aid your digestion.

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