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Your Taurus Horoscope for January 7th

Your Taurus prediction for Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Taurus, see your full Daily Horoscope and find out your lucky numbers for Saturday. What are you waiting for? Clear your doubts!


Taurus, don't rule out the possibility of being surprised with a scandalous idea. If you're dating, your partner might have expressed the desire to open your relationship.

You'll need to reflect and speak out as honestly as possible about what you think.

If you're single, you might lose interest in your crush when you find out what they want. It probably is completely different from the kind of romance you were expecting.

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Taurus, desperation could lead you into making some poor choices today. The fact that your lifestyle is a little 'poorer' is starting to get overwhelming.

This despair will compel you to ask a friend for a ludicrous loan without needing to. Be aware that anxiety can cloud our senses deeply.

You won't be able to think clearly until you calm down. Take a breath, be rational in your judgment, and then make a choice.


Your Horoscope for today foresees you'll gather the courage you need to make a request. If you need a personal day off to get yourself straightened up, just ask.

Not being in power to make the final decision makes you nervous, but the result could be better than you think.

If you choose not to act, you'll only have a negative response. Perhaps you should try to talk to them before taking it for granted.


You shouldn't get too excited, Taurus. Today, you might start thinking about getting your friends all the drinks they want.

Even if you think the situation is under control, you could spend an amount you shouldn't be splashing.


A makeover is an efficient way to boost our self-esteem. Be bold, get the hair you've always wanted, and shop for the outfits you'd like to wear.