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Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, January 7, 2021: Use your great inner power

Use your time to discover who you are and what your mission in this world is


You need to shake off that attitude of victim you’ve been carrying; you have quite a peculiar egocentric attitude. You do things as you please, but when something doesn’t go well you think the universe conspires to make you miserable.

You have great inner power, Taurus; use it. Carry out a ritual that lets good vibes flow around you; you just need to look on the bright side of life, because you have much to be happy about which you’re currently ignoring.

Use your time to discover who you are and what your mission in this world is, stop licking your wounds and move on to action. Leave your individuality behind and give yourself to those who are always by your side without reservations.

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January has only been here for a week, although it feels like an eternity to you; will this 2021 be as long as its predecessor perhaps?

Bring out the list of goals you’d set for the new year and draft realistic strategies to achieve them. Don’t let this Thursday end without having taken an important step in some of these projects. Bring out your ambition, wanting to be the best isn’t a bad thing.

Some will consider requesting a loan soon, or perhaps they will apply for a new role. You’ll have to take a step forward, no one will make your dreams come true while you stay back with your arms folded.


Tidy up your medical file; tidiness isn't your strong suit, and you have your latest medical tests, analysis and other scattered all over your house. Then the day will come when you’ll have to go to the doctor’s, and you won’t know where that document they have to evaluate is.

Boost your relaxation at home by lighting scented candles (natural ones, if possible), and burning some incense.

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