The Taurus sign

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, December 7, 2020: You'll know how to avoid love wars

You'll enjoy beautiful spirits which will be both serene and dynamic at once: enjoy this day


Taurus’s conjugal life becomes a battlefield: your partner is trying to pick a fight and there’s nowhere for you to hide. They’ll know how to find you to have full blown row (or, at least, a heated argument).

Today they’ll try to blame you for some things in your daily life which don’t fully add up. Your other half intends to change behaviours that are deeply rooted, plus, they won’t offer any valid reasons for it.

You’ll struggle to get out of this pickle, but it won’t be mission impossible.  Those who are single will have a good social life, and you’ll discover a pair of eyes which look at you with compassion in a way you hadn’t felt in a long time.

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You’re a rather distrusting today; you struggle to look even your best friends under a good light when it comes to professional or money matters. You have a theory that every mast must sustain its own sail, and you shouldn’t sacrifice yourself just so others can do well in life.

However, weigh every single one of your words when you decide to ask for help; there might be no one left by your side when you need a lifeline the most.

Understand that around Christmas everyone turns into a big spender, don’t go around offering your advice, least of all when no one has asked for it.


There's good news for your health. You’ll discover you have nothing to worry about, your doctor will inform you that your latest test results are alright, or that the illness you've been battling is remitting.

You’ll enjoy a beautifully serene and dynamic diposition, all at once, and you’ll have great elasticity.

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