Taurus Wednesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, April 7, 2021: Your latests efforts bring you great joy

Work on your inner beauty, forgive your mistakes and accept your defects and virtues


You feel that, as a single Taurus, you’ll have a winning Wednesday, where you’ll manage to find a great love or, at least, good company.

Things can happen if you truly want them to, if you make a move towards adventure. If you choose to stay at home waiting for Cupid to come find you know that you will have wasted your Wednesday.

Work on your inner beauty, try to accept your defects and virtues and, above all, forgive past mistakes, close those wounds so they can stop bleeding. Little by little you’ll find your path in life. Enhance your self-love, you need it.

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You’ll have to come up with a strategy to achieve extra benefits at work; don’t stay there watching life pass you by, act so you can achieve success.

Your latest efforts should bring you great joy. You’re more brilliant and creative than usual so you’ll probably have an opportunity to leave your supporting role and become the star of the show.

Don’t worry about the details: do it without looking back.  This day you should move forward, without pause, keeping a good rhythm and skilfully managing your energy. Basically, it’s hard to go unnoticed, because your self-confidence makes you an irresistible asset at work.


In order to look after yourself you start several beauty treatments, sign up to a thousand activities or buy various gym equipment for your home;  however, tenacity is not your strong suit and you’ll soon throw in the towel.

For this reason, it’s time to take a break to find yourself properly and organize everything around you. Decide what you’re going to focus on, and don’t let your guard down.

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