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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Friday, May 6, 2022

Spend time watching your thoughts, Taurus


Taurus, your Horoscope for today points out that you're giving yourself away too much. Even though it's essential that your family is happy, you should also think about yourself.

Sacrificing too much for those around you could end up hurting you personally. Boost your self-esteem, and start looking out for yourself, and less for those around you.


Taurus, you'll have really high vibrations in terms of your finances. You're in for a lucky strike, which will boost the creation of new projects, and that's just a section of what could happen.

If you predict that you'll be financially steady soon, dare to unfold those ideas that needed all that money. You should fight for your dreams until they come true.


Your Daily Horoscope foresees that today you'll enjoy the success of your projects. Investing all that time and sacrifice into your career obviously has good consequences.

Your clients will be happy, and your managers will be satisfied as well. Taurus, devote your day to cherishing the rewards of a job well done.


Taurus, you could consider the efficiency of putting pen to paper today. That's right, making sure your feelings are visible and clear could clarify more doubts than you think.

Lucky numbers for Taurus

Taurus, your lucky numbers for Friday, May 6, are: 2, 4, 45, 47.

Compatibilities for Taurus


Cancer & Virgo


Pisces & Aries


Scorpio & Virgo

Tip for Taurus

The world needs more of those that love what they do.

Taurus Celebrities

Here are three celebrities born under Taurus, just like you:

- Katharine Hepburn, actress born in Hartford, Connecticut, on May 12, 1907

- Salvador Dalí, surrealist artist born in Figueres, Spain, on May 11, 1904

- Ana de Armas, actress born in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba, on April 30, 1988

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