The Taurus sign surrounded by stars

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, March 6, 2021: Look at yourself in the mirror, more often

You're very focused on the present, and you know the future will be much more promising


You’ve never been embarrassed to talk about your love life, or your personal history.  For this reason, in conversation with friends or relatives, the name of an ex will pop up. At another point in your life this might have made your heart leap, but today you’ll notice this is water under the bridge.

You’ll be very focused on the present and you know that the future will be much more promising. And the thing is, you’ll have to be full of illusion for the love you have right now, or for the ones that are yet to come, and not for those that have left your life to never return.

In some marriages, Taurus’s spouse might have a small episode of jealousy, and you won’t know to what extent this is all a joke or the ugly truth.

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New business opportunities will spontaneously crop up, in the most informal environment you could have ever imagined. The Horoscope will place well-meaning people in your path, who will help you with their advice (and perhaps even their financial support).

Make the most of the strokes of luck the universe brings you, make the most of this Saturday of March, and you’ll make new contacts.

At the same time, you should sort out your finances, open your files and make sure everything is in the right place, just in case your manager asks for some documents in the upcoming days.


You’ll learn to accept the passing of time, as well as your age. Understand that every moment of your life has its own beauty, and that experience doesn’t have to be hidden behind aesthetic touch-ups or plastic surgery.

Look at yourself in the mirror more often, recognize your face and body, work on your self-love.

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