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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, June 6, 2021: You recover the confidence an old love took from you

Avoid comments regarding the physical appearance of those around you, you'll hurt their feelings

❤️ Love

Your partner might make an unexpected proposal, now that the week is ending. One of these proposals will leave you speechless (and you’ll find it irresistible). You like to see how your happiness works and how it adjusts to your shared desires.

We’re speaking of a Sunday where practically everything will go well, everything flows in your love life, Taurus, and you learn to forgive things that used to wind you up.

Those who are single will regain their self-confidence, which was damaged by one of their latest romances. You’re thinking a lot about that friendship which could lead to a love story worthy of a fairy-tale.

💰 Money

If you work in hospitality or tourism, today you might see your hard work rewarded by receiving a mention. You have a very sharp radar which allows you to discover the good opportunities around you. Plus, you’ll stand out during negotiations in foreign languages.

In order to give your financial operations a boost and achieve the benefits you wanted; you shouldn’t hesitate to seek the advice of professional advisers. Don’t let charlatans distract you from the best keys to achieve success.

Burning some rosemary will give you an extra stroke of luck, especially for those who have a job interview tomorrow. Money will soon come in through the door.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Be careful with excess when you eat, this Sunday sweet treats (packed with calories) will be everywhere you go. Although you’ll want to rest, you should seek sometime to exercise a little, even if it’s just a race through the streets of your city or going up and down the steps in your building.

You’ll spend your day in good shape and happy. If you can, avoid making comments about the physical appearance of those around you, you might needlessly hurt their feelings.

👍 Tip of the day

Instead of longing for what you've lost, fight to get it back

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for this Sunday, 6th of June are: 1, 4, 86 and 89.

🤝 Compatibilities

Your compatibilities for this Sunday:

Virgo and Taurus in Love

Aquarius and Virgo in Friendship

Aquarius and Leo at Work

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