Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope - Monday, July 6, 2020: Show what an excellent lover you are

Today you'll have a very spontaneous and relacxed way of working, but this will spark envy


Your romantic imagination is going through a difficult moment. You look for stability (and routine, why not) and the least change seems to bother you.

However, in appearance, everything is going well in your love life, you listen to your spouse’s problems with great ease, giving them valuable advice, which doesn't fall on deaf ears.

The single Taurus wishes to prove what a spectacular lover they are, you want to take on the world, you want to live, and you’ll remove all sorts of obstacles from your way. You’ll want to enjoy physical relations, but don’t forget about feelings.

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Your way of working today will be very spontaneous and relaxed, which could spark envy and jealousy in some colleagues.

They’ll try to make you blow your lid over work matters, but you shouldn’t allow it. Avoid playing dirty games, don’t spread gossip that you haven't corroborated and focus on your duties.

You might get more money by working from home on your free time, where there’s a will, there’s a way. The Internet offers a lot of options, from completing surveys to writing or recording videos reviewing products.

Do you work on communications or show biz? Then this Monday of July you’ll achieve a small victory within your area (for example, if you’ve entered a competition, or applied for funding).

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Take better care of your health through your diet and go into the kitchen to experiment and play a little. Don’t be fooled by aggressive publicity, there’s no need to add to your diet foreign foods that are said to be magical.

Careful with insect bites or stings, whether it’s because there’s a lot of mosquitoes at home, or because you get a jellyfish sting when bathing in the sea.