Taurus Horoscope for Saturday

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, February 6, 2021: Fight against discrimination

Reflect on your concept of love, avoid taking your partner for granted


You need to be more generous this Saturday, or less selfish, if this suits you better. The thing is, on multiple occasions you’ve taken for granted that your partner needs to do everything they can to make you happy, even if it involves great sacrifices.

There’s still time to stop taking them for granted, Taurus, which is a rather toxic behaviour. Reflect a little, think to what extent you thank them for their obvious efforts, as well as for all those little tasks which go unnoticed, such as doing the washing and folding of the laundry, or making meals for you. Bottom line, you need to be more grateful.

If you’re single, you should cancel your dates if you don’t want to see the other person, but don’t stand them up, that’s nasty.

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At work you’ll be witness to an episode of discrimination, someone will disrespect someone else over the colour of their skin, their gender or sexual orientation, or any other similar thing. Don’t remain silent, call them out on this behaviour and you’ll be helping make this world a better place.

You won’t be aware straight away, but your behaviour will set an example for other people who remain silent in the face of injustice every day. Be brave.

On the other hand, the stars tell us that you’ll look after the financial wellbeing of others. You’ll give them very good advice, even though you won’t take kindly to them offering any advice you haven’t asked for.


You’re a very generous person who stands out today through your love of animals.  Some Taurus will adopt a rescue cat or dog this Saturday.

Quit your sedentary lifestyle and go out for walks, accompanied by your pet if you like. Do you walk your ten thousand steps a day that people talk about so much? How about making is fifteen thousand?

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