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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, December 6, 2020: Make the most of your powerful magnetism

You have no reason to waste your time or money with dodgy business deals


Those who are single will be especially motivated in love matters today, according to the Horoscope. Those who have haven’t found their other half will be able to pull other people’s strings as they please.

You’ll have a magical power with the people you like, you’ll know how to say exactly what they want to hear, but without renouncing your fundamental principles.

When it comes to older Taurus marriages, sparks might fly, but will be more noisy than hurtful.  There’ll soon be peace at home, due to your dexterous hand and sweet words, which will heal any wounds.

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Move away from professional projects where there are more doubts and shadiness than transparency; that is, if you want good fortune to come into your life and stay.

You have no reason to waste your time (or your money, if we’re talking about businesses where you have to make a large investment). The thing is, reality can be different from what you expected: as you know that not everything that glitters is gold.

The people around you aren't very generous, and this will make you angry. You’ll remember all the times you were there to make life easier for others, and when you feel it’s your turn, no one gives you anything.


Those whose health is compromised need to be good patients; letting others take care of you isn’t easy, but you should put yourself in the position of the person by your side, trying to help you get better.

Controlling your temper can be tough, but not impossible. You have a very keen mind, learn to control it.

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