Taurus Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, April 6, 2021: You'll enjoy the routine at work

As the day passes you'll enjoy your partner's company more, and they'll ofer their best warmth


The day will be full of magnetism and energy in the arts of love and seduction, if you’re a Taurus. You lose that layer of bashfulness which sometimes envelops you, and this allows you to deploy your best weapons.

As the day passes, you’ll enjoy your partner’s company, and they will offer you their best warmth. If you’re single you should get to work, look for activities to meet people and, please, don’t even dream of calling your ex to ask for a second chance.

A rather complicated season approaches for someone in your family, and you’ll have to give them all of your support. Don’t judge their actions or give unwanted advice.

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You enjoy work routines at work, this Tuesday you want everything to go according to plan. Anything that goes off script will make you nervous and will make you lose the focus you had.

You need to manage your professional feelings differently, to prevent your house of cards from tumbling to the ground over a misplaced card. Think of change as a challenge, not a threat.

Those who have requested a raise and received a no for an answer, should remember that there’s a much bigger job market out there.


Food isn’t the solution to your problems, so don’t try to soothe your nerves by raiding your fridge. You confuse being hungry with other things that have nothing to do with your stomach.

Those who are spending a lot of time at work should take some fruit with them so they can snack when they feel the need to. It’s always better to go for an apple than sweets from a vending machine.

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