Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, January 5, 2021: Your indulgence will fix what doesn't work

There'll be stability in your business, to such an extent which might appear boring


This is a good day to sort out romantic falling outs; indulgence and forgiveness are two feelings you’ll always choose whenever possible. Plus, if there have been arguments at home, your partner will be willing to forget everything if you give them a nice flower and an apology.

In this sense, a reconciliation with an ex can also happen, regardless of whether your union was broken fifteen months or fifteen years ago; perhaps Cupid won’t smite you again with his arrows, but cordiality will be enhanced, especially if you have children together.

If you’re a single Taurus don’t rush into commitments; move slowly with your latest conquest, let the relationship set its own pace (and try not to repeat past mistakes).

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This Tuesday will be very stable for business, to the point where it might appear boring at a first glance. You’ll dream of changing jobs, and the boldest of Taurus will think about going back to university to get a degree they always wanted.

Money won’t flow greatly through your hands, but you also won’t have large payments that could deplete your accounts. Learn to enjoy your routine or try to rest a little.

In order to find motivation, you should make a list of your most immediate projects and put it up at work somewhere you can see it, this way you’ll double your efforts to achieve them.


Some will be told of a health problem, perhaps a problem they have or perhaps one that affects someone close to them.  It won’t be anything serious, but you won’t be able to shake off your worry.

You should try to express yourself better and show more empathy for those who are fighting this ailment or any other ailment, from now on.

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