Taurus Horoscope for Friday

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, February 5, 2021: Your natural beauty will be outstanding

Today is the best day of the week to have one of those dates that make history


You channel all of the creativity in your mind and heart, which are combined with your great impetus, making you one of the most ferocious lovers of the whole horoscope.

You’ll give yourself to your beloved without expecting anything in return.  The essential thing for you, at least today, is what your other half expects of you. Your demands, which are usually very loud, will be silenced completely.

If you’re a single Taurus, this Friday will be de best day of the week to have one of those dates that make history. You’ll know how to put your best foot forward, your natural beauty in greatly enhanced, and you’ll forget your prejudice.

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You need more self-confidence at work.  You doubt your knowledge and keep thinking you’re doing everything wrong. You’ll waste a lot of time going over the same thing over and over again, without finding anything out of place, mind you.

To top it off, the stars foresee more than one annoying people around you, who will be looking for an argument, or trying to push your buttons. Don’t play along, it will blow your planning up to smithereens.

On the other hand, you’ll have great intuition to hunt down offers for hiring services such as getting home insurance or a phone provider. Negotiate with the salespeople and get things your way.


If you don’t rigorously stick to your schedule, you won’t have enough time to rest and/or look after yourself (for example, by going to the gym). Today you’d rather watch life go by than work up a sweat, truth be told.

You have a good dose of self-love, and more than one Taurus will want to get a piercing or a symbolic tattoo.

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