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Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, December 5, 2020: Keep your cool in the face of adversity

You know you deserve the best: fight so that the next promotion in your company is given to you


Today you’ll face a series of obstacles that won’t allow you to be entirely happy in your love life. You don’t know why people around you want to fight, and you’ll find yourself roped into senseless arguments.

You’ll have to be very temperate, Taurus, in order to deal with all the problems. The best balm for any potential wounds incurred will be kisses and cuddles.

Likewise, due to the proximity of the holidays, you might have a couple of bouts of nostalgia which will make you long for those who are no longer with us. Perhaps at some point you’ll listen to a song or watch a film that reminds you of someone left their mark on you, and who is still watching over you, even if you can no longer see them.

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You have a very strong ambition: you’ve set goals for yourself which you must achieve, and no one and nothing can stop you until you get them.  You know you deserve a higher position than the one you currently have. That the next promotion in your company must be for you.

Those who are currently studying will have great focus and will make the most of the day.

Others will take a solid step to set up their own business: you feel the time has come to go for self-employment, where you can be your own boss.


Those who are currently battling a major disease, will become very vulnerable and naive; avoid falling into the hands of healers, quack doctors and other unqualified people who sell nothing but smoke.

Their promises to improve your health will lack a scientific basis, and they might even cause more harm than good.

You’re likely to think that there’s an alternate and unknown reality where you could improve, but the best thing you can do is follow your doctor's advice (the one with degrees).

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