Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, August 5, 2020: Tear down the facade

Some colleagues will try to make things difficut for you, but you shouldn't take the bait


The courage which characterizes Taurus is highlighted this Wednesday the 5th of August;  you’ll bring out your sternest face, you want to clarify and put an end to those matters of the heart which torment you.

In this sense, many who are in a relationship will decide to go to bed being single, having put an end to a relationship that is going nowhere. However, you should know you’re seeing a lot of ghosts: fears, jealousy and wrong perceptions of reality will be readily available today.

Whatever you do, you need to tear down the facade and show yourself to the world (and your partner if you have one) just as you are. Admit that you have insecurities, that you’re human and, therefore, you’re not perfect and no one can ask you to be so.

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Life is a constant flow; things change overnight and you have no choice but to adapt to the new reality. The smart thing will be to be moderate when spending money, and also, to take care of your family budget.

You’re a sign which easily goes crazy when shopping, buying more than you really need. Go over your accounts, if you’re not sure if you can afford something, the best thing you can do is say no.

Control your impulses at work, today some jealous colleagues will try to make things hard for you. Don’t take the bait, ignore anyone who tries to upset you.

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Control your addiction to new technologies; if you suffer because you forgot your phone at home, then you have a serious problem.

It’s also not a good idea to fall asleep looking at your phone and browsing social media, the light of the screen doesn't favour optimal rest. To have a relatively related day, avoid coffee and similar stimulants.