Taurus Monday on a sky background with shooting stars

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, April 5, 2021: Your sixth sense will be right

Look after your smile, as it will be one of your biggest assets on this beginning of the week


If you’re single, you’ll long for someone from the past who used to make your heart race. You’ll struggle to hide these feelings and the temptation to pick up your phone and call them will be very strong.

Before you make a move, Taurus, think about whether things could really work out this time around; your sixth sense tells you that it won't, and it’s not wrong.

In marriages we foresee some confrontations, you and your spouse will clash over matters of your philosophy of life.  You’ll struggle to find a middle point, perhaps it’s better to nip the conversation in the bud than to let it drag for hours.

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At work you strive to project a ferocious and hardened image, which leaves no room for improvisation and vulnerability. This contrasts with the affectionate, fun and humorous person you are at home.

Perhaps you’re afraid your colleagues will underestimate you or think you’re not good enough. But you’re the one with imposter syndrome, and the one who thinks you don’t deserve good things to happen in your professional life.

If you want a piece of advice for this Monday, learn to manage your patience and try to be nicer. Let down your guard and new people will approach you.


Look after your smile, because it will be one of your biggest assets both in your love life and at work.

In order to have nice teeth and no cavities, you should ditch sugar, sweets and wine, as this alcoholic drink stains your enamel. And eat fluoride-rich foods, such as spinach, wholemeal cereal and fish.

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