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Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, March 4, 2021: You'll consider having a long-distance relationship

You don't need to throw yourself into risky new professional adventures without a parachute


During the middle of this first week of March, the stars forecast a day of romantic relax, even if there are more storms than harmony at home right now. You’ll find a quick path towards an oasis of peace, where you’ll be able to be happy and you’ll shed light on your relationship.

Single Taurus will start chatting with someone who lives far away, someone who at the moment is a friend and who, in time, might become something more special. You even think of eventually being in a long-distance relationship.

Love is a feeling that is alive, and which must be nurtured every day. It’s something magical, which can make the impossible be within your grasp, do not forget this.

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You don’t need to throw yourself into risky new professional adventures without a parachute. You should thoroughly analyse all the consequences, speak to some colleagues about it and sleep on it.

This Thursday’s planetary aspects will develop your critical thinking, which will, to an extent, compensate for the recklessness you also have.

Your current optimism might make you prone to reckless purchases, whether in cash your instalments. Crunch the numbers well and remember that there are expenses to come.


Your body might be sending you signals that something isn’t going well, perhaps something linked to your eyesight. That is why you might feel dizzy or mentally exhausted from time to time.

You have to find a middle point between worrying about your health and becoming a hypochondriac; it’s true that there is bleak news in the media, but you shouldn’t simply assume you have a serious illness.

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