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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Monday, July 4, 2022

Brighten up your relationships with happiness, Taurus


Taurus, you should introduce changes in your relationships. Although things are going well, you can't deny that you lack some "spark". Perhaps you would do well to be a little more mischievous when dealing with others. That playfulness can arouse a very interesting response in those around you. Your relationships, of whatever nature, will become much more fun and dynamic. In addition, this attitude will make you irresistible.

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Patience will be your best ally today, Taurus. It is stressful to start Monday without having received the money you deserve. Charges are taking longer than you imagined, but the last thing you should do is get upset.

Deep down you know that, sooner or later, you will get what you deserve. Before you make a scene, try to keep your cool and wait until the money gets in.


Taurus, you should let yourself be seen a little more at work. You have all the right to give your opinion and contribute ideas. However, your fear of rejection causes you to feel anguished, and you get stuck.

If you want to grow professionally, you will eventually have to open up. Deep down, you are aware that your brilliant self won't come out alone. Don't be afraid and leap when you feel like sharing something.


There are emotional crises that cannot be avoided, Taurus. Occasionally, we live through events that overcome us and leave our spirits on the floor.

Instead of running away from those bad emotions, face them. Experiencing pain will do you good, to make you stronger and let it go in the end. Emotional grief must be experienced, not avoided.


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