Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, August 4, 2020: Be careful with sexual excess

Overcome your shyness and prudity, only thus will joy course once again through your veins


You’ll establish good romantic complicity; couples who live together will make a strong and united team. Those who are yet to take that step with talk about moving in together.

You’ll be very clever, and your sixth sense will help you keep pathological liars away, those people who are capable of telling tall tales just for a minute in the spotlight.

Single Taurus will learn to be cautious; they won’t shout to the world that they’re single, because deep down they already have they’re eye on someone, but they haven't expressed it out lout yet because they’re shy. Let go of your shyness, only thus will joy course once more through your veins.

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The rhythm and volume of your work will increase due to external causes. You’ll have to keep a level head to avoid straying from your goals.

In a certain way you’re enslaving yourself and, for this reason, you’ll crave freedom more than ever. You’d like to take the lead, but you feel your voice isn’t being heard.

Avoid incurring new debt at all costs: you might struggle to repay them in the future, and you’ll be getting into a vicious cycle no one will be able to get you out of. For this reason, don’t borrow money for anything that isn't a bare necessity, least of all for your whims.

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Your health is pretty good on this 4th of August, although your head doesn't agree. You’ll feel you have the same illness or ailment as a friend, or as someone you saw on the television.

Careful with excess, both when eating and when having sex. Certain sexual practices can cause injuries if not practised properly.

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