Taurus Horoscope Friday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, July 31, 2020: You'll diversify your focus

Be more authentic, you're tired of behaving according to other people's expectations rather than how you really want to


You’ll be able to maintain an atmosphere of harmony and complicity with your loved ones, and with very little effort. Good vibes flow around you, and you’ll be able to give every person the priority and attention they need.

You love your partner, but today you’ll diversity your focus.  This Friday is one of those days where your love could be split with other people, but you’d never say it out lout to avoid arousing jealousy.

Single Taurus decides to express what’s going on in their mind and heart more often, because they’re tired of behaving according to other people's expectations rather than how they really want to behave. They’ll bring down many conventions and will silence many tongues.

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The day at work will be rather steep for Taurus, and you’ll have to make an additional effort to climb to the top.  Many will have to deal with animosity from a colleague or superior with whom the disagreement will be obvious and noticeable.

Honesty and saying what you think could unleash a war, so bite your tongue and if what you want to say could be hurtful count to ten before you speak. The situation will be especially tense for those who work in banking, finance and investments.

At least your domestic finances won’t cause problems; you learn to delegate on other people you trust, thus getting rid of some headaches.


You’ll miss people who were a part of your life and who are no longer with us.  You’ll feel both melancholy and a strong desire to take on the world and not waste time.

Have you not read a book in a long time? Try to get back on the horse by reading a best seller, of the kind that gets you hooked from the get-go.