Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, August 31, 2020: Make your desires a priority

It's a good day for barters and exchanges: support a collaborative economy


The romantic combination will be mostly easy and relaxed.  You won’t want to argue with your spouse, you want to enjoy the most beautiful and simplest moments.

Some people have been giving you a lot of trouble recently, but they’ll finally offer a truce so you can take the reins of your life and choose which paths you truly want to travel. The thing is, you often do things because they are expected of you, leaving your own desires as the last priority.

Some single Taurus might feel some disappointment on this last day of August, especially if they're coming out of a turbulent relationship which has caused them a lot of harm.

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This is a good day for barters and exchanges; you understand that there’s more to life than money and that helping those around you with goods or services can be repaid in kind, with the loan of another similar good or service.

Collaborative economy is an ancestral thing, and it will help you see the world from a more realistic point of view, inviting you to think of what you can do to make other people’s lives more pleasant.

In spite of everything, your professional life and financial situation will be good, and there’ll be opportunities for renegotiating some banking products.

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Nothing major will alter your health: you start the week strong as an ox.

Those who have changed their medical treatments will notice improvements, you’re battling your illness and managing your anxiety in a much better way.

Some back pain will be linked to bad posture while sitting down. Keep an eye on this, Taurus.

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