The Taurus sign

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, November 30, 2020: Education becomes intertwined with romantic frenzy

You might be smitten, it will be a love at first sight which will upend your life


Venus gives you a good dose of animation in your marital life, and there’ll be a special level of spice;  your more passionate (and creative) side is enhanced. You’ll experience a rekindling of your sensuality and complicity, and good manners will intertwine with unbridled passion.

Some couples will struggle to avoid daily arguments; many Taurus are in the habit of fighting rather than talking. Generally speaking, any arguments will end in a reconciliation with tight hugs.

It’s a promising and colourful day for single Taurus; you might be smitten, feel love at first sight which will upend your world, or you might realize that you’d like this new friendship you've made to evolve into something more.

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You know how to make excellent financial transactions, as you have a very keen perception; there’ll be those who will try to put obstacles in your way, but you’ll outwit them and you’ll find alternative paths to reach your goal.

As if this wasn't enough, Taurus will know how to improve their resources by managing their finances differently; some will think about changing banks or advisers. Others will seek second opinions regarding their current situation.

Control your non-verbal communication, one thing is projecting an image of composure and self-confidence, and a very different is to have your competitors think you've been disrespectful or that you’ve threatened them. People around you have been very sensitive of late.


Your ability to learn about health-related subjects stands out. You’re getting to know your body better, and you’re stimulating your brain.

Be careful with your back, especially if you have to lift heavy weights, we wouldn't want you to pull your back out.  Try to make gentle movements at all times.

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